Happy Leeloo

Happy Leeloo
Happy Leeloo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More-th Dakota

Short Sugars North Carolina BBQ

Havin Fun at Mariah's House

A scenic South Carolina Building.

Leeloo Enjoying the Raliegh Childrens' Museum
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North Carolina

Leeloo Meets Georgia Blue

Lovely Ladies Like Lesiure
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Just words...from Mommy

We took some new pictures last night but haven't uploaded them yet. This is just a status update. Leeloo is waving Hi and Bye now and clapping to music and to cheering. She likes bread, grapes, and cheese a lot and I haven't seen a food she wouldn't eat. She can drink on her own with a sippy cup and is working on using a regular cup. She dances to the Wiggles and occasionally to other music too. She likes books but her favorite toys are the musical instruments that Auntie Theresa got her for Christmas. She knows two sort of English words: "Da" means Dad and also applies to cats Jack (Dak) and Gus but not to the other cats. "Dah" means dog. We take turns repeating each others funny sounds. She enjoys yelling loudly in different parts of the house. I think she is evaluating the various acoustics- future sound engineer? I think both Mommy and Daddy would be freakishly delighted at that. She does peek-a-boo, and is learning patty cake. She has been taking baths for about a month now but I miss our showers so I may just start switching off. She's been sleeping through the night in her own room (in the play pen) since the beginning of the year and usually makes it 10-11 hours without needing to be picked up. She is still an all-star at social gatherings, making friends with the crowd etc... We have successfully produced a "trick baby" (really good and cute in public so people think it's easy and want to have a baby). I love her more than I ever knew was possible (for me at least). Eric and I are known to burst into tears not infrequently when we are overwhelmed by the onslaught of huggable unicorn rainbow teddy bear kisses that Leeloo embodies.

I know, I know it's February but here are the Xmas pictures finally:-)

First Santa picture! Taken in SF, on the day of Santanarchy. As you can see, Leeloo already likes Santa :-)
At Oakland Zoo for the Zoo Lights exhibit.

With the Oakland family at Zoo Lights (Eric is taking the picture).

With the Santa Fe family on the Christmas Eve walk.

Playing with Doran's car at Grammy Cheri's house.

Arrgh! Christmas pirate!
Leeloo LOVED playing with Doran!

Cousins come in large, medium and small sizes:-) That is baby Ronan in the skeleton outfit.

Todd is very good at multitasking.
This was her second time in the snow (12/26). The picture below was her first time.
It snowed briefly on 12/23 and we ran outside with Leeloo to show it to her. I think she thought it was weird. Why is the rain dry and poofy?

Christmas bear's first Christmas!

Christmas bear and reindeer on the drum.
It's not everyday that you get to see a bear riding an elephant!
or a bear riding a train for that matter....

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thanksgiving at home

Making faces with Auntie Amy
Making funny faces with Mommy
Demonstrating the "smize"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surprise party for Daddy!

We had a surprise party for Daddy on his birthday (11/4/10). When he got home from work, there was a tiki-themed party waiting for him with lumpia, polynesian meatballs and mai tais with little umbrellas!

Cousins Lydia, Nick and Autumn

Aunties Theresa, Brendan and Uncle Ronald

Cousins Ike and Stephanie reading Fox in Socks to Leeloo

Halloween 2010

From left to right, Leeloo's, Daddy's and Mommy's jack-o-lanterns
Scary Boo Bat!

Boo Bat attacks hippy Minnie Mouse

needs a little help with sitting up :-)Cousin Autumn as Minnie Mouse